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A little frustrated!


Three years ago I believed whites and blacks were equal in the United States. I believed that slavery was abolished and racism went both ways. I disagreed with affirmative action and I thought black people who didn’t make it out didn’t want to make it out.

I was so very wrong.

Today my heart is…

She cried so much before she even got the shot and 10 mind later she’s cool. Lol.

I don’t know what’s going on with my body. Last month I got AF but it was only for a day. My period is excoriated to start in 10 days but I was spotting this morning. We haven’t been trying since May so I know I’m not pregnant. I think it may be due to stress. Lord knows I am stressed to my Max!


Can I cry for Michael Brown AND Robin Williams though? Can I be upset by more than one thing at once? Am I allowed to be sad about two very abrupt and unjust deaths that happened very closely to each other? Can I weep for a young black man who was taken from this world unfairly while STILL being sad that a childhood icon of mine has passed away as well? Can we NOT do this?

Can someone tell ttc-baby-g why she shouldn't circumcise. She says she's done research but if she did she would see that its not okay.
- Anonymous




She’s an idiot tbh. -T

Stop being such sanctimommies. If the child hates his mom one day for circumcising then the child hates his mom. Big deal. Not your problem. It’ll be 18 years down the road from now and you probably won’t even use tumblr anymore. I never understood the point in obsessing over little boy’s foreskin that isn’t your own son. Kindaaaa creepy.

Here here.

That last comment tho..
Can we all stfu when it comes to how other people parent their children.


Pretentious little twats!

A couple of months ago my husband and I were talking about great actors. We got to Robin Williams and named off all our fav movies of his. At the end I remember saying how devastated I would be when he passes away. I got on fb tonight and seen the post. Immediately I thought it was bs. If only it was bs. He was an amazing man! He is my whole childhood. When news broke about the new Mrs. Doubtfire the child inside celebrated. Now that child is lost in a daze. I hope he sees from that spot above how truly loved he was and how much of an inspiration he was to so many.

R.I.P Robin 😢😭😪😥😰😓😨😱😖